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Comparing Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

Every long term care insurance firm has its own long term care insurance underwriting so when you are thinking about requesting long term care quotes, you have to consider at least five or seven companies so that you can freely compare their offerings.

It’s just like when you’re shopping. Isn’t it you don’t enter a boutique and buy the first item that you see on the display rack, instead, you compare its style and price with a similar item that is sold in another boutique. Those people who compare and weigh the consequences of products and services that are made available to them often always end up with the best product.

With the smorgasbord that you’re about to look at though, you’re going to need some assistance from an experienced LTCI agent. Personally, I would go for an insurance agent who was recommended by a friend or relative but if that would be impossible in your case, you can consult your state’s department of insurance to get a list of LTCI agents who are licensed to market and sell long term care plans in your area.

Now let’s say you’ve finally found an LTCI representative who can help you with those quotes, start supplying him with the much-needed information such as your present health condition, your family’s health history, preferred long term care (LTC) setting, amount of coverage, and budget for the annual premium among others.

Your agent will come back to you armed with tons of LTCI quotes which you have to read and study carefully. You will definitely notice discrepancies and this is why you have to take time out from your busy schedule in order to be able to go through each of these quotes.

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