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Long Term Care Insurance Information

Being an only child and single to date, I would need to pay for care 40 or 50 years from now. Although my grandparents died in their sleep as I mentioned earlier, it does not follow that the same thing will happen to me.

What if I manage to reach 90 years old healthy but incapable of driving to my doctor’s clinic, shopping for my personal stuff, cooking my own meals, or even bathing myself? How pathetic would it be to just lie down all day and wait for death to come for me because I couldn’t afford a home health aide or at least someone to cook my food and clean my house?

According to long term care experts, 19 years from now the cost of care will increase fourfold. If the current hourly rate of a home health aide is $19 that would be $76 per hour or $145,920 annually beginning 2030.

I wouldn’t want to degrade myself nor incite pity that’s why I took the time to study long term care insurance information and even research and compare long term care quotes. Besides, looks like my uninsured aunts and uncles are going to need me in the years to come, so I think I made the right decision in planning my future at the age of 30.

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