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Long Term Care Insurance in its Practical Sense

According to society’s radicals, the mind is as powerful as the spoken word so you should not invite any negative thoughts or else you just might experience them. Many have engaged in the collective thought of staying young forever and yet failed to hold back their age. You’re better off with long term care insurance information as this will help you plan for old age.

That’s exactly what I did despite having been told time and time again by my aunts and uncles that I should never envy the rich who have managed to prepare for their death by purchasing expensive coffins and huge cemetery lots for their mausoleums.

They always remind me that a person has to invest on his life and not on his death. By the time you’re dead it should not matter where your body goes since it’s empty of your soul anyway.

Out of respect I listen but honestly, I cannot stomach such morbidity as I’m not the kind of person who associates aging with death. Of course, I acknowledge the fact that death is inevitable but not everybody gets to reach 50 or 60 first before dying. In fact, I had a classmate who died at the tender age of 17.

So whenever I start talking about my future with my kin and they react as though I’ve just brought in some bad news, I can’t help but wonder what is so wrong about investing my money into long term care plans?

They advised me to brush off the idea and not to prepare for something that will never come.

No one in our family has succumbed to a chronic illness. All of my grandparents just never woke up from their sleep. At 65, my parents are still gym regulars and my aunts and uncles who are in their mid 70s never fail to take part in walkathons. I should say that I really come from a healthy family but I can never be sure of my future considering the nature of my job which allows only a few hours of sleep.

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